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How Paradise Cove came about

How Paradise Cove came about

Before "Paradise Cove" was officially established in 1987, we were once called Rangimaea. Rangimea is the name of the land which Paradise Cove is located on. It was not the easiest name for foreingers to pronounce which often made locating it or even remembering it quite difficult, so, we soon became "Paradise Cove". Originally we started off with a guest house in the 80's and then soon after we built 5 very little and very traditional cottages. If you wanted to really feel the "island living" experience, this was it. It had 4 walls, a thatched roof, a bed and a little bar fridge. Of course the bar fridge is what made it a little fancy! All the cooking and bathroom facilities were located in the main house. And our visitors absolutely loved it! 

Later in the 90's, we built one of the newer self-containted bungalows. It had its own bathroom, kitchen facilites and a balcony that you would sit on as you drink your beverage and mesmerize the white sandy beach and stunning lagoon view. The bungalows were actually built off-site on our (very generous) neighbours land and then transfered to Paradise Cove beach using a crane, a tractor, a large trailor and the man power of about 20 men. 12 bungalows later and now here we are :)

Family History: Terepai Maoate, also known as Junior, was the captain on one of the Cook Islands traditional voyages known as "Takitumu Vaka" using the sea and sky to navigate when sailing from country to country. Soon after his last voyage in 1995, he and some of the local men from the villages built the first self-contained beachfront bungalow. In 2017, he passed the business down to his youngest daughter Moana who still operates the business today. Terepai Juniors was also the son of one of the very well known and historical leaders in the Pacific nation as Prime Minister and as a Doctor who's name was Sir Terepai Maoate.

If you made it to the end of this read, we hope you enjoyed it! 

Meitaki Atupaka :)